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How to get to IBS Center for Genomic Integrity 




IBS Center for Genomic Integrity.

Room 224, UNIST Building 103, UNIST-Gil 50, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
Tel. +52-217-5529 


From Incheon International Airport to Ulsan

Take Airport Railroad Subway from Incheon International Airport Terminal Station (인천국제공항) to Seoul Station (서울). From there, take a KTX train to Ulsan Station (울산 통도사).


From Ulsan KTX Station

  • Take bus #304 or #337 from Ulsan Tongdosa KTX Station (울산 통도사) and get off at UNIST (울산과학기술원).

  • Or alternatively, take a taxi directly to UNIST (10 minutes drive).


From Ulsan Airport

  • Take the KTX Express Limousine bus #5005 from the airport (울산공항) to Cheonsang 1 Bridge Intersection (천상1교사거리). From there, take bus #337 and get off at UNIST (울산과학기술원).

  • Take the KTX Express Limousine bus #5005 from the airport (울산공항) to Woomi Lynn #2.Prugio #2. (우미린2차 푸르지오2차) From there, take bus #133, #733, or #233, and get off at UNIST (울산과학기술원).


By Bus from ULSAN

  • Bus 133 Gottbawi (꽃바위) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원)

  • Bus 233 Nong So Public Garage (농소공영차고지) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원)

  • Bus 304 Yul-ri (율리) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원) <-> Welcome Center Complex (복합웰컴센터)

  • Bus 337 Taehwa River Station (태화강역) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원) <-> Sam Nam Shin Hwa (삼남신화)

  • Bus 733 Deokha Public Garage (덕하공영차고지) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원)

  • Bus 743 Taehwa River Station (태화강역) <-> UNIST (울산과학기술원)

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